BUILD CHICAGOSunday, September 24th The Veltway Corporation will be hosting The 2nd annual Concert Across America To End Gun Violence. Our local participation in this national event will be at Wire, 6815 W. Roosevelt Road, Berwyn, IL. This event will be connected through social media. Current combined social media outreach of non-profit partners is at 407,454 (Facebook) and growing. I am writing to ask you to join us as a local sponsor this year. Our goal is to reach $20,000.00. Through last year’s event The Veltway Corporation, Inc., raised $10,000.00 in funding for Peace Hub Chicago and The Non-Violence Institute of Chicago, both organizations work at providing our youth with dispute resolution skills and other programs to divert their involvement from relationships and activities that result in Gun Violence.  Net proceeds from this year’s local Concert Across America will be donated to BUILD CHICAGO, an organization providing services and programs in our Austin community, and greater Chicago area to end the current epidemic of gun violence.

Since 1969, BUILD (Broader Urban Involvement & Leadership Development) has been a pioneer and innovator in youth development, now serving neighborhoods on Chicago’s West (Austin, Humboldt Park, Hermosa, West Town) and South (Fuller Park, Bronzeville) Sides. Through three primary program areas — Prevention, Intervention, and BUILDing Futures — BUILD partners with an array of stakeholders to offer a spectrum of services designed to build lives and futures. Whether by providing a school-based curriculum, youth leadership opportunities, positive out-ofschool activities or intensive, individualized mentoring, all of BUILD’s programs share the same objectives:

  • to reduce negative behaviors, school expulsions and withdrawals, recidivism rates, and court and gang involvement, and
  • to increase pro-social behaviors, school readiness and success, college access, and opportunities for happy, productive futures.

BUILD’s mission is to engage at-risk youth in the schools and on the streets, so they can realize their educational and career potential and contribute to the stability, safety and well being of our communities.

Vision: Grow Hope. Save Lives. BUILD Futures.

BUILD believes that every child deserves a bright future regardless of individual challenges or neighborhood barriers. To transform children’s lives from at-risk to at-hope, BUILD provides comprehensive services across critical developmental milestones, meeting young people where they are: in the schools, on the streets, or in the courts. Providing continuity in communities that too often face disruption, isolation and change, BUILD strives to be a constant and trusted resource for youth whether they are struggling to stay in school and out of gangs, or striving to go to college and build a career.

Please join us with your support this year as we work to support BUILD CHICAGO’s ongoing efforts to stamp out this cycle of senseless deaths in our community.



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